1. Where do I get started and how does the process work?
The first step is to call Organize That Space!  for a complimentary in-home design consultation.  A designer will listen, measure and analyze your space and needs.  From this information, a custom design will be tailored just for you.  Once the design is approved, we will build your closet in our fully equipped manufacturing facility.  We will then carefully and quickly install your new system.  The whole process can be completed in just a couple of weeks, with the actual installation typically completed in less than one day.

2. What can I expect during the installation?
Almost all closet installations take less than one day.  One to three qualified and insured professional installers, will arrive on time, wearing company uniforms.  They will work neatly and in a professional manner.   Installers will remove and dispose of all existing shelving and spackle any holes or rough spots. Pre-cut closet components are then installed carefully and quickly.   The job is dust-free and we will vacuum after completing all installations.  Most customers are surprised by the ease with which such a large project can be completed.  All you need to do is remove your personal items before the installers arrive.  It’s that simple!  You can even return items to the closet that same day.

3. Can I change closet configuration at a later date?
Yes.  All closet components are adjustable and changeable.  Drawers, baskets and other accessories can also be added at a future date.  If you ever sell your home, the new owners can even modify the system to fit their individual needs.

4. What is the benefit of hiring Organize That Space!?
We specialize in designing, building and installing custom storage systems for the home and office.  Because we manufacture our own systems we can provide any size, height or depth that you need.  Our installers are highly skilled and experienced.  They know how to efficiently install a storage system so that it looks beautiful and functions perfectly.  Organize That Space! installers work exclusively on closets, every day.  Our designers are just as skilled and know exactly how to create custom solutions that maximize your space.  They are not kitchen cabinet makers trying to design a closet.  Our business started and remains committed to providing truly custom storage solutions.  If you can dream it, we can build it.