We are so thrilled with our new closets and I am hoping you get referrals from us as everyone that comes to see the house is just floored by what you all did.  Thank you so much!!!  The closets are truly one of my most favorite things about the house and my husband agrees! Thanks!
– Debbie Ragsdale, Holiday, MO

I just want to tell you thank you so much! The closets surpassed my expectations and I am so happy with them.  The house is finally starting to feel like ours now and part of that is due to the great closets.  Thank you again!
– Megan Loehner,  Jefferson City, MO

Because of the new custom closets, it is much easier to manage the kids’ rooms and cleanup time has been reduced.  Thank you!
– Jodie, Brand;  Columbia, MO

The designer was so kind and helpful in explaining what would be best for me and my  situation.  Thank you so much!
– Judy Rapps,  Jefferson City, MO

We are very happy with our new closet!  We’re still amazed at how much can go neatly into that same space.
– Judy and Harold Haines;  Lake Ozark, MO

I love my closet.  It’s one of the best investments I’ve made.  Thank you so much.
– Sharon Wilson,  Meta, MO

I wanted to thank you and Organize That Space! so much for my AMAZING new closet! I had to work during the installation and had my grandmother sit there while it was completed and when I got home late last night after a stressful day it was the PERFECT thing to come home to. It is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to get all of my “stuff” in there perfectly organized! My shoes will LOVE their new home! 🙂 Thank you again for being great at what you do and for doing such a wonderful and timely job at my home. I appreciate it & will refer you to everyone I know.  Thank you again.
– Ashley Gross, Columbia, MO

I am enjoying the pantry!  I actually have extra space for things I haven’t found yet.   I really like your products!  They look nice, very sturdy, and a great installation experience because Mark was so neat and cleaned up afterwards. Thank you and kind regards.
– Liz Weingarten,  Jefferson City, MO

I am thrilled! We have so much more room and can actually get dressed inside the closet! I am working on another closet and thinking that I can get rid of many things and get many of the things left into the “new” closet. Charley was a little skeptical yesterday as change is hard for him. Today he is feeling much the same as I feel! Thank you so much for a great closet!
– Karen and Charley Blackmore,  Columbia, MO

I took a couple pictures of my new sewing room today and I’m sending them your way. I am thrilled with the way everything has turned out. Don’t hesitate to use us for references! Thank you so much!
– Belva Fitzgerald, Jefferson City, MO

I love love love my new closet organizer!!!!! We are very satisfied with the quickness in which we were able to get it installed once we saw the layout and got our bid. We chose your product based on price, appearance, and the fact that it could be professionally installed in very little time. We will definately keep you in mind and I have already given your card to my neighbor. Thanks again for everything.
– Roberta Basinger, Columbia, MO

It’s perfect! I love it. They did everything I asked them to do. The only reason someone would use a different company was because they haven’t heard about Organize That Space.
– Norma Carmody, Columbia, MO

It was certainly a pleasure working with you and Organize That Space. I speak from experience, having built our home just five years ago, when I say that your kind of professionalism is hard to find. Thanks for designing, blueprinting, building, and installing all of our closets. You did it all on time and within budget. Thank you again, I couldn’t be more satisfied.
– Shirley Pierce, Columbia, MO

I love the closet and the whole set up. Mark was so nice to work with, the whole process was fast and efficient. Price was what I expected. Thanks for your service! I will definitely recommend you guys to friends and family.
– Bonnie Bausano, Columbia, MO

Everything went great and my daughter’s closet is so organized and functional. When I go into her closet to put clothes away, I am amazed how large it seems now with everything organized on shelves, racks and drawers, as opposed to when it was just one open space with toys, craft and all. It is a wonderful thing for her very tiny bedroom. Thank you.
– Susan Hinrichs, Fulton, MO

We are very pleased with the design and materials. The installation was very fast. We will definitely call you again when we need our other closets organized!!
– Dawn Orr, Columbia, MO

The Closets are amazing. Taking such a small space and I have plenty of room for everything that I own. The Design Process was great when Charlette came in and helped me with the layout I was very impressed on her ideas. Installation went very well everything was done before I even got home for lunch and everything was cleaned and ready for cloths when I got there. I had heard good things about Organize that Space from my uncle Ronald Knoll.
– Mike Kaesik, Freeburg, MO

All is good. We appreciate your service and quality. We will call you when we need another closet.Thank You!
– Jeff Hemme, Columbia, MO

Their bid was right on the mark. This helped us keep to our tight budget while building our home.
– Jeris Walters, Belle, MO

I love how organized my pantry is now. I often leave the door open, just so I can enjoy how great it looks.
– Cindy Roewe, Columbia, MO

Hello! Your designs and your family bringing them to life in our new home has been magical!! Exquisite workmanship!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
– Karla Yung, Hartsburg, MO

Just a quick note to thank you & Mark for the excellent closet systems you designed and installed for me. I couldn’t be more pleased. I can now organize my clothes by season and sort them much easier.

I’ll be calling on you again for sure to help with the downstairs closet and garage when it’s finished being resided.

– Dorothy Yeager, Boonville, MO

Oh, thank you I love them!

I truly love walking in my closet every day. It’s possibly the BEST thing I’ve done in this house!!

– Stacia Coughenour, Columbia, MO

I just want to tell you that I am so happy with my closets that you designed and that Mark installed.   Thank you for doing such an efficient job and getting them installed before my move.

I tell everyone that I meet here about my closets.  The ones they put in here were dreadful.  And yours are wonderful.

Thank you so much,

– Jean Clifford, Columbia, MO

We love our closet. Thank you so much. We can actually see the floor and it’s so much more organized.

– Jeff Davis, Wardsville, MO

I just wanted to thank you and Mark for coming to meet with us about the closets, answering all of my questions, and doing a nice job on installation, not to mention the quick turnaround time. We are pleased with how it turned out!

– Kelly Kampeter, Jefferson City, MO

We are looking at the new possibilities for organizing our too many clothes.

Your family is very special and we appreciate your professionalism in business.  We will recommend you highly to any future customers.  Thank you for making this a stress free and successful project for us.

– Mary Jo and Mike Jackson, Versailles, MO

The closet is wonderful! We had no idea how we were going to fit everything neatly into our small master but everything fit with plenty of extra room. Thank you so much! I will most definitely be recommending Organize that Space to our family/friends.

– Lauren Bondy, Paris, MO

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new closet! It is so wonderful. Got rid of some old clothes, but still have lots of room. It is really so nice. Just love it. Thanks so much for your suggestions.

– Dolores Caron, Columbia, MO